Preservation on Main Street 2022


Learn more about the speakers sharing during this event. We are excited and proud for them to be a part of Preservation on Main Street this year!

Keynote Speaker

Christine Madrid French


Christine Madrid French is an historian, author, screenwriter and advocate for the study and preservation of American buildings. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a graduate of the University of Utah and the University of Virginia. Christine is the Director of Development at the California Preservation Foundation and has raised more than $2.5 million for nonprofit causes in art and architecture. At the University of Florida, Christine taught courses at the College of Design, Construction and Planning and researched and co-directed the first statewide survey Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Florida (1945-75), which was awarded a Documentation Award for Excellence by Docomomo-US, a national advocacy organization. Her book Architecture of Suspense: The Built World in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock, focusing on the real-world histories of cinematic structures, will be released in September 2022 by the University of Virginia Press.

Featured Guests: Downtown Happy Hour

Ben Muldrow

Ben Muldrow is a graphic artist with over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of marketing applications. He provides community identity and branding services for communities across the nation, including Florida. Ben has worked on a number of projects specializing in the development of city and neighborhood identities, wayfinding strategies and promotional marketing material.

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Bernice Radle

Bernice is owner and CEO of Buffalove Development and Little Wheel Restoration Co in Buffalo, New York. She is an urban planner, historic preservationist and building science nerd. She believes strong healthy neighborhoods are the key to our communities’ success. She believes that neighborhood strength is not defined by how expensive the homes are, but by how inclusive the neighborhood is to all.

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Jeff Siegler

Jeff has assisted hundreds of communities with revitalization, economic sustainability, and community development. Utilizing a background in urban planning, downtown district management, revitalization, real estate, economics, and organizational development, his diverse background and expertise lends a unique vantage point for addressing community concerns. He believes revitalizing communities is the most important work we can do. Revitalization enhances quality of life by providing people with more enriching experiences. Jeff has dedicated himself to killing apathy - one town at a time.

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